Barra 55

Barra 55


2 / 5

May 11, 2018

An up-to-the-minute enclave of enticing food and gin in Lima, Barra 55 has instantly become one of the hottest addresses in the Peruvian capital.

Responding to the Peruvian public’s demand for a venue that brings together cutting edge food and classically crafted drinks in an approachable yet stylish space, Jeronimo de Aliaga brought Barra 55 to life in Lima, and hasn’t looked back since. In the heart of the bohemian Barranco district, Barra 55 has quickly become one of the hottest places to see-and-be-seen enjoying tantalizing tapas and gin by sticking to a simple formula of combining an intimate space with a chic food and drink selection that still manages to be affordable and friendly. The first impressions upon entering Barra 55 are impressive, as you are bound to quickly spot the set of stylish Nordic-inspired wooden stools gathered around the bar, resting on top of a colorful black and turquoise cubic-patterned tile floor. Barra 55 manages to be modern and retro at the same time, and when it comes time to order a drink, you are spoiled for currently trending choice. Gin and tonics are the house cocktail, and the bar offers over twenty varieties of the base spirit. This is certainly not the longest list in Lima, but the stunning quality to price ratio is what makes Barra 55 so special. In addition, rums, piscos, and a large variety of craft beer and wine are also on offer, served beside a creative bar food menu that complements the food and drink perfectly. Be forewarned: one trip is usually all it takes to turn you into a regular.