Bottega Dasso

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Bottega Dasso


4.4 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

A stylish cafe, restaurant, and bar in Lima, Bottega Dasso serves fantastic fare from morning to midnight and pairs it with finest of cocktails and wine.

An effortlessly cool venue in Lima brought to life by one of the city’s most creative teams, Bottega Dasso has mastered the art of combining cocktails and all-day dining in the Peruvian capital.  There’s a lot to like here, but let’s start with the design of the venue, which sets the tone for the plates and cocktail glasses you’ll be served later. We love the white brick walls, which contrast with a deep-buttoned lime green booth brilliantly, and are also adorned with a series of striking black-and-white art pieces. There’s also plenty of palms and other assorted green touches (including tree branches hanging from the ceiling) that brings a genuine warmth to the space.  There’s no need to beat around the bush though: our favorite spot of Bottega Dasso is the sleek bar and its giant wall of spirits, which is bathed in a sumptuous light, bouncing off the bottles in the most beautiful of ways.  Bottega Dasso opens early for breakfast and brunch, and is known as one of the finest places in the city for coffee, but as the day goes on and the fantastic lunch menu (think Italian pastas with homemade foccacia) gives way to dinner (roast beef and fresh seafood), the pours coming forth from that gorgeous bar take center stage. A large selection of whisky serves as a base for many, but champagnes and wines by the glass are also stars at this bar which is headed up by a multi-award winning mixologist.