Library Bar

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Library Bar


4.8 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

An effortlessly cool venue in the heart of Limassol's Old Town, Library Bar is the perfect blend of restaurant, cocktail bar, hotspot, and chill-out space.

Residing behind a faded facade in the Limassol old town with a solitary black and white sign out front that simply states its name, Library Bar certainly gives off an understated first impression. Things don’t deviate from the script when you move inside either, as the style is simple (heavy on stones and light tones) with only occasional splashes of color. And you know what? We love it, because Library Bar lets the food and drink do all the talking, and boy does it have a tale to tell.  

Gourmet pub food (think towering juicy burgers served on planks and pizza made with homemade dough) is paired up with fantastic freshly-shaken cocktails to present the ultimate night out on the old town. The philosophy behind Library Bar’s cocktail menu is to appreciate the classics, but take them up a notch where you can with a twist of seasonal ingredients or unique new flavors. Many of the syrups are made in-house, and they add just the right amount of flavor to their line of refreshers. On a typical Saturday night, you’ll find a fun crowd overflowing into the courtyard of the venue (and some even out on to the street) sipping cocktails, and many come back to pick up where they left off at Library Bar’s famous Sunday brunch.  

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