K Urban Beach


K Urban Beach


4.3 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

A sleek and chic bar on the water in Lisbon, K Urban Beach brings a stylish seaside scene inside the city alongside fantastic food, drinks, and beats.

Upon arriving at K Urban Beach in Lisbon, you are greeted by a chic ‘Hollywood-style’ sign bathed in bold light that spells out the name of the venue letter-by-letter. Once past this grandest of entrances, the glamour only gets turned up a notch, as you soon discover a stylish slice of the Portuguese coast in the heart of the city. Located on the Lisbon quayside, directly on the Tagus River and with views to the iconic 25 de Abril Bridge, K Urban Beach is bathed in clean whites, from the inside fixtures to the poolside chaise lounges. The only exception is the low glow of pastel purple and lime and dozens of dazzling ‘light-cicle’ style fixtures that dangle over the dance floor. K Urban Beach opens in the late afternoon, and the atmosphere then is both sumptuous and subdued, as the main focus is on slowly sipping cocktails, enjoying dinner (there’s a sushi restaurant and a grill), and savouring the sunset. As the sun sinks, things really start picking up at K Urban Beach and when the hours get late, it turns into one of Lisbon’s liveliest clubs. The beats are provided by some of the city’s finest DJs and lean towards punchy pop, but if you need a breather, the poolside lounge is always just a few steps away. Come dressed to impress though, as while it is indeed a beach venue complete with sand, they still like to keep the crowd inside classy.