Mini Bar


4.6 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

A showstopper from legendary chef José Avillez, Mini Bar mesmerizes its audience with exquisite culinary and cocktail creations and a cool theater setting.

The latest in a procession of splendid openings by Portuguese rockstar chef José Avillez, Mini Bar takes things to an entirely new level with a fun and fancy-free menu heavy on stunningly-presented light bites and equally impressive cocktails. Smack in the middle of Lisbon’s hip Chiado district, the setting for the Mini Bar is the gorgeous Teatro São Luiz building. The theatre that used to reside on the site was constructed in the 19th century, and Mini Bar takes a page from the grand space’s glory days by basing the theme of the venue around the glamour of Old Hollywood. Mini Bar pulls this trick off through art deco design nods, dim ‘speakeasy-style’ mini lamps, frosted glass, and a radiant sign made of dressing room-esque bulbs that say “Mini Bar”.  The food at Mini Bar put on an award-worthy performance (think dishes like foie gras bonbons and tuna tartare served in a cone) and the drinks follow suit.  If you are here for dinner, you are recommended to eat a cocktail as a starter course, and no that’s not a typo, because Mini Bar has become famous for both green apple margaritas and caipirinhas that you eat instead of drink – and both are the perfect palette cleansers. Traditional cocktails abound as well, with the Costa do Castelo – brandy, ginger, lemon, and lime – and the Tea.tro – gin, black tea from the Azores islands, and grapefruit – being two of our favourites, in addition to a showstopping selection of champagne, spirits, liqueurs, and craft beer.