Pensão Amor
    City-Center, Lisbon

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    Since its opening, Pensão Amor - which roughly translates to 'Pension of Love' - has become an eclectic gathering place for Lisbon's fashionable, artistic, and intellectual to come together for a drink, a chat, or a ponder. The funky bar got its name from the fact that the beautiful Pombaline-style building it is located in used to be a brothel, as the entire area surrounding it was a notorious red light district popular with sailors. These dens of debauchery may have long gone, but the beautiful district and its architecture is still there and has recently undergone a facelift which now sees it as one of the hottest addresses in all of the capital.
    Read More Once inside Pensão Amor, you are taken away to a colorful world - heavy on bold reds - full of both romantic mystique and the highest of quality cocktails. The bar's walls are full of funky frescoes, vintage posters of burlesque dancers, mirrors, and dim light that adds a steamy streak to the ambiance, an obvious homage to the history of the building. It isn't all about the ascetics at Pensão Amor, as the bar plays its part in creating a memorable experience for guests with creative cocktails, craft beers, and excellent wine. It's a good thing that rooms aren't charged by the hour at Pensão Amor any longer, because most people spend their entire night here.   

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