Red Frog
    City-Center, Lisbon

    About Red Frog

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    This quirky yet stylish speakeasy style bar located on Avenida da Liberdade, has something of a New York vibe. Specialising in Prohibition era cocktails as well as later classics, this is a bar that knows its liquid history.

    The room itself has a faintly illicit vibe with a button you press to gain entry (enticingly labelled ‘press for cocktails’ – look for the distinctive red frog logo).

    Inside you’ll find a smart cocktail spot, with elegant and comfy chairs in which to sit and – crucially - a very well-stocked bar, with an aural collage of swing music, jazz, funk and rock playing in the background, enhancing the atmosphere of the place.

    The décor is inspired by that of the 1920´s and 30´s and the place has a convivial, bohemian spirit, uniting people over prettily presented (these are some seriously attractive drinks) and well mixed cocktails. Yum. 

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