Salt Dog Slim's
    City-Center, Liverpool

    About Salt Dog Slim's

    684 10568

    This American style dive bar has very many things going for it. If you like a proper hotdog you need to get here quick, because these guys serve them on demi- brioche buns and smothered with chilli. Try the Aye Carumba, a Mexican inspired dog covered in sour cream, chives, jalapenos and nachos. It’s the business. The bar itself is a cool space, all bare brick, warm leather and worn wood, with a hidden speakeasy upstairs. Coming to you care of the guys behind Tequileria El Bandito, the cocktails are top notch: potent, inventive, with whisky featuring prominently on the drinks menu. The Salt Dog Millionaire (see what they did there) is a good place to start. There’s also a cracking selection of beers from which to choose if you want a cool pint of something to chase down your hot dog.

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