Bar Termini


Bar Termini


3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Bar Termini is a little pocket of bustling Italian coffee bar culture re-created in Soho, London.

Sitting discretely on Old Compton Street, tucked next to a pretend sex shop (La Bodega Negra – that’s a whole other story). Bar Termini is part of the same family of renowned London bars, 69 Colebrooke Row and recently opened Untitled Bar by Tony Conigliaro.

A nod to Rome Termini Station’s bar, buzzing morning to night – all that’s missing is some heavy cigar smoke. It’s a teeny space, just shy of six tables (and a couple of seats at the bar). You need to get in here early, or hang around outside for a bit until a space frees up but, more often than not, they’ll try and squeeze you in. Here, you’re almost brushing shoulders with the next-door table – but leave your reserved London mentality at the door – in this bar, we’re channelling eye contact and friendly continental vibes.

Specialising in top-notch Italian coffees by day (these guys actually go to coffee school to learn the art), you can knock back a couple of espressos teamed up with a killer Italian pastry. Head back from early afternoon or evening and it’s aperitivo hour. Bar Termini’s cocktail list is like it’s coffee: short, serious and sweet. No fussy garnishes or fads, just good, solid, Italian cocktails.

What to drink? One word: negroni. Order a house glass of their pre-batched stuff for £7 a pop, served up in a respectable thimble-sized cocktail glass. This miniature size means you can justify tasting your way through the five different homemade versions! Start off with the Classico negroni and work your way from there, with the Superiore (pink peppercorns), Rosato (floral), Robusto (aged) and Bianco (white).

You can see from the fact it’s always busy, this bar is a firm favourite on the Soho scene, from your first AM caffeine hit, to your lunchtime coffee and stiff pre-theatre fix after work – Bar Termini is your go-to for any type of tipple, at any time of day.