Bob Bob Ricard

Great food

Bob Bob Ricard


3 / 5

May 11, 2018

There is no other restaurant in London like Bob Bob Ricard! Eccentric decor and a button to press for champagne - what more could you need? Find out more.

The first thing you notice is the décor. It’s impossible to ignore. There is no other restaurant in London quite like Bob Bob Ricard. It’s a glitzy, gaudy, opulent and eccentric, a collage of blues and pinks teamed with an abundance of gilt and mirror. There is railway compartment-style seating and the staff wear salmon-pink uniforms. Best of all, each booth comes with a little call button you can press if you run low on champagne hit it and someone will materialise at your side bearing a crystal glass of fizz. Open from breakfast until well past midnight, the Russian-owned venue serves comforting classics (they do a mean chicken Kiev) as well as breakfast dishes and Russian delicacies: there’s plenty of caviar on the menu as well as a range of chilled top-end vodkas to go with it. If it’s just a drink you’re after, head downstairs to the equally glam basement space, Bobby’s Bar. Their signature rhubarb gin and tonic is superbly refreshing – and seriously addictive – while their gooseberry, ginger and rum hot toddy is a wonderful pick-me-up on a chilly day. If you’re feeling flush do try their caviar and cucumber martini, accompanied by a Russian taster plate of herring, Russian salad and foie gras parfait. Smart attire is advised this is the kind of place you’ll want to dress up for.