Bounce bar

Late Night Drinking



4.2 / 5 1 / 5

May 11, 2018

Who doesn't like a game of ping pong? Bounce is a cool venue in London with 17 ping pong tables and a bar area evoking an old Victorian gin palace.

The spacious basement bar in Holborn resounds to the thwack and whistle of little white balls flying through the air. We’ve had bowling and karaoke and now have a bar devoted to ping pong (or wiff-waff, as Boris Johnson would have it). The large open plan venue is filled with ping pong tables 17 in all – which you can book in advance; there’s a membership scheme for serious ping pong fiends though anyone can book if they fancy a game. While table tennis is central to the operation, the drinks are far more than just an afterthought. A lot of care has gone into the cocktail menu and the bar area has been designed to evoke something of the old Victorian gin palace, albeit one with a decidedly contemporary vibe. This is reflected in the liquid offerings; the menu puts new twists on British classics: there’s a prosecco-topped Gin Lane Spritz, a ginger-infused Apple Jack Slim – there’s even (of course) a Wiff Waff cocktail, blending gin, Earl Grey tea syrup and cucumber a deliciously English drink. The white-tiled dining area offers superior wood-fired pizzas and a range of anti-pasti and sharing boards. The perfect fuel to warm you up before a game.