Christophers Martini Bar

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Christophers Martini Bar


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May 11, 2018

A sumptuous martini den near Covent Garden in London, Christopher's Martini Bar makes cocktails as fine as their gilded Art Deco-inspired atmosphere.

Established in 1991, and soon after ascending to the place of ‘mandatory stop on the Modern American dining scene in London’, Christopher’s in Covent Garden could have left well enough alone. Luckily for those of us who love a good cocktail, they simply couldn’t help themselves, and their exclusive martini bar now collects as many accolades as the restaurant itself.

It all starts with the surrounds at Christopher’s, as it is located inside a listed building with fine views to the Thames and Waterloo Bridge. Once inside, you are welcomed by a grand spiral staircase, setting the tone for the entire venue. The recently refurbished martini bar is located on the ground floor, and it sparkles with an onyx centerpiece, low-slung leather chairs and banquettes, and a dazzling piece of gilded crystalline aesthetic behind the service bar itself. This is to say nothing of the Art Deco light fixtures, whimsically dangling above.

As you would expect from a venerable martini bar, Christopher’s mixes up classic martini recipes with the utmost of expertise, but also mixes in modern twists like the zesty Thai Spice Martini (premium vodka, lychee liqueur, fresh ginger, lemon & lychee juice, lemongrass & chilli), the Almond Cigar (spice-infused premium rum, lime cordial, amaretto, and orange bitters) and the signature Nutella Martini, which is as decadent as it is sounds. It’s not all about martinis though, as they also make all classic cocktails with precision and even throw in a few fanciful original flings like the Cucumber Collins and Rosemary Pina Fria, which features rosemary-infused gin and the punchy flavors of pineapple.