4.2 / 5

May 11, 2018

If you're looking for some great entertainment World's Best Bars recommends Circus in London! This cabaret bar is both glamorous and fun.

In terms of in-bar entertainment, live music is usually the most you’ll expect, maybe some old movies flickering atmospherically on the wall or a spot of Jenga for the nostalgic. Circus takes things to the next level. This Covent Garden cabaret bar boasts a long central table capable of becoming a makeshift stage for burlesque dancers, hula hoop spinners, fire-eaters and other players on the ever-widening contemporary variety scene. Coming on like a cocktail bar version of La Clique, it’s a glamorous space and serves up quality drinks and Pan Asian food. Lively all week it gets particularly bouncy on weekends when the DJs turn up to get things moving. The bar’s novelty factor means that the crowd it attracts tend to be a pretty mixed bunch but this is in no way a bad thing.