4 / 5

May 11, 2018

Somewhere at the dreamlike crossroads between cocktail bar restaurant, cabaret and the Big Top lies Circus. In the centre of Covent Garden, a hub of creative street performance, Circus is one bar in London that brings the show inside.

Get ready for a surreal scene with acrobats, trapeze artists and fire eaters who pop up, flip and twirl across and around your table, and then vanish as suddenly as they appeared. An evening meal will see two to three flashes of circus arts and ballet at this London bar and restaurant, which has turned the concept of the dinner time show on its head.

The decadent surroundings only add to the unreal atmosphere, especially the giant, 28-seater Stage table carved from quartz. The drinks get in on the fun, too. If you’re here as a group, try the circus-themed punch bowls, like the Belvedere vodka-fuelled Contortionist, or the Acrobat – all lychee juice, grenadine and Beefeater 24. If you’re after something lighter, then sip on the aerialist, a coconut, guava and lime tribute (with just a touch of Hennessey) to the trapeze artists spinning masterfully above your table. Drink prices here are as mind-blowing as the show itself with these full-sized punch bowls costing just shy of £200.

Circus is best experienced as a group, especially to take full advantage of its ‘feasting style’ menu of pan-Asian cuisine, designed for sharing. But as perfect as it sounds for a stag or hen do, Circus is in fact one of a few bars in London that limits single-sex parties to groups of 8 people or under in order to maintain the delicate balance of its unique atmosphere. The dress code here is relaxed chic with advice from the door that ‘the higher the ladies’ heels, the sharper the gents’ suits, the better’. So bring along a well-blended bunch of your best-dressed friends and enjoy the show.

Once dinner is over, you’ll notice the volume turn all the way up. That’s your cue to get up on your feet and join in the show.