1901 Wine Lounge

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1901 Wine Lounge

London-City and East London

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May 11, 2018

An opulent enclave in one of London's finest hotels, 1901 Wine Lounge offers everyone the opportunity to sip fine wine in a truly sumptuous setting.

Home to an astounding collection of vintages and varieties, 1901 Wine Lounge is quite simply one of the finest places to sip wine in the city. Sumptuously set inside London’s luxurious Andaz Hotel, 1901’s location at the heart of the financial district has made it the perfect spot for unwinding after an arduous day at the office. Already collecting a myriad of accolades, it’s the combination of bottle collection and beautiful surrounds that have people raving here, as the atmosphere is as inspiring as the international stock of bottles on offer. Yes, the decor is the definition of opulent as carved columns, marble floors, and a dome ceiling featuring sheer stained glass create an ambiance unlike any other wine bar in London. The surrounds would suggest an exclusive collection of wine, but while 1901 Wine Lounge certainly makes sure to cater to the finest of wine connoisseurs, someone who is just starting to develop their palate will feel just as much at home here. There are typically over a dozen wines available by the glass (perfect for those starting out on their wine journey), with more than three hundred overall stocked on 1901’s shelves. Their pride and joy, however, is a hidden reserve cellar where they keep especially rare finds, just the thing to take anyone’s appreciation of wine to the next level. Credit photo: http://london.liverpoolstreet.andaz.hyatt.com/en/hotel/dining/1901-wine-lounge.html