London-City and East London

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May 11, 2018

Inspired by the TV show Breaking Bad, ABQ is a cocktail bar in a trailer where guests get to cook their own chemistry-experiment-inspired concoctions.

Like nothing the London bar world has ever seen, ABQ takes guests on an interactive and immersive cocktail-making thrill ride, all inspired by the modern cult classic television show Breaking Bad. Taking its name from the American city where Walter White and Jesse Pinkman resided, Albuquerque, New Mexico, ABQ started as a summer pop-up, but has now morphed into a more permanent fixture on the London nightlife scene. ABQ is located inside a custom-fitted ‘cocktail trailer’ done up just like the show’s version, complete with beakers, Bunsen burners and metal barrels. Guests must bring their own sealed spirits to the venue, but after that, ABQ guides them through the process of ‘cooking’ their own chemistry-inspired concoctions – all while wearing yellow hazmat suits of course – just like the main characters in Breaking Bad did.   A couple of the cocktails you can currently cook are the Tripping – in which you add your choice of 40mls of gin or vodka to 10ml of carbonated citric acid and 15ml of grapefruit and then drop in a tablet of H2O – which changes flavor after the first sip, and The Fly – in which you combine your choice of 40mls of white rum, whisky, or vodka and 1 gram of xanthan gum with cola, sodium alginate, sodium lactate, and lime – which produces caviar-esque crystals that float in the drink and explode in your mouth.      Fans of Breaking Bad will be amazed at the painstakingly accurate portrayal of Jesse & Walter’s trailer that ABQ has pulled off; making an evening at ABQ feel like part science class, part Hollywood, and all unforgettable. Note: It is advisable to check their website and social media channels for updates on ABQ’s current location. Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/abqlondon/photos?ref=page_internal