Aubaine Broadgate

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Aubaine Broadgate

London-City and East London

  • Great food
3.6 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

A fantastic French bakery, restaurant, and bar, Aubaine Broadgate is an exceptional addition to this family of chic yet rustic cafes in the capital.

Blending together the flamboyant flavors of cosmopolitan Paris with those of rural France, Aubaine has quickly become a sensation in London. Born from a fruitless search to find proper French bread in the capital, Aubaine has blossomed into a family of gorgeous venues that bring something delicious to the table from morning until late evening, and the Broadgate location is no exception.

But first, we simply have to talk about the aesthetics of the space, as walking through the door here takes you away to a relaxing place. Aiming to be a mash-up of a chic salon and rustic bistro, Aubaine Broadgate pulls it off brilliantly with a soft and warming palette of white, grey, and rough wood, which is balanced out brilliantly with a splash of industrial fittings. Decor touches include bookcases with crown-molding, splashes of greenery, and baskets full of fresh baked goods. While we would be in love with Aubaine regardless and without a doubt make it a regular stop, it’s the fact that they also cater to the tipple-tippers among us that has us truly ecstatic. The drinks on offer naturally skew toward the ‘fresh and French’, with an entire line of cocktails featuring champagne (think kir royal and rossini), ravishing rosés, and even a refreshing spritzer.