London-City and East London

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May 11, 2018

Created by a team of master mixologists, Barsmith has quickly become the spot in London for infused cocktails served in a hip shabby chic atmosphere.

Dedicated to the fine art of cocktail infusions, Barsmith has created quite a stir since opening – including a ‘bar of the year 2015 title at the London Bar & Club Awards.

While some may still be under the impression that master mixology and infusions are the domain of the most soberest of cocktail dens, Barsmith turns that idea on its head with a laid back and fun venue perfect for any time of day or style of get-together. We absolutely love the the scuffed wooden floors and the way they play against the colorful patchwork tiles of the bar, to say nothing of the funky light fixtures that hang over the main bar area. It’s all about the art of the cocktail at the Barsmith though, and one look at the menu is bound to both mesmerize and tantalize.

While perusing the impressive list, you’ll quickly notice that many of the spirits are produced in-house, something that separates the Barsmith from the pack. Take the Breakfast Margarita for example; they start with infusing tequila with orange, then add their own homemade triple sec and organic marmalade with freshly squeezed lime and pink grapefruit juice to create a winner. A couple of other standouts that show off their skills are The Heretic (gin infused with chilli blended with lychee liqueur, cranberry juice and lychee) and the Fig’r Me Out, a muddle of fresh fig, house-spiced rum, and apricot brandy.