Black Rock

Jazz & Blues

Black Rock

London-City and East London

  • Whisky
4.8 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Sister bar of the whistling stop, Black rock in London, UK, is an impressive whiskey bar with a giant 185-year old oak table curating the whiskey before its poured in front of your eyes!

Black Rock is the ultimate underground whiskey bar. Unlike any other bar in London, this place is actually missing the ‘bar’ part altogether, and has replaced it with cabinets of aged drinks. Black Rock have a giant 18ft oak tree table that is a clever ageing system with pacing bartenders pushing a drinks trolley! This place is definitely where you want to take your friends for a memorable night out!

Inside the three large cabinets, there are over 250 bottles from worldwide sources such as Ireland, Scotland, America and Japan, all aged to perfection! We have a couple of drinks for your tasting list- ask the bartenders for the ‘1 of your 5,’ which is table whiskey, cider vinegar and lavender! There is also the ‘campfire,’ which is bulleit, lagavulin and mallow-cha. Black Rock provide some ‘small bites’ too which go down nicely after a cold drink. Their bites include oysters, haggis-balls in scotch marmalade, gravlax, and soda bread.

Now for their main attraction, the 185 year old, half oak tree that has been transformed into a glass fitted table sits warmly in the centre of the room. Black Rock have carved two channels down the middle, carrying American charred oak whiskey and toasted European oak, to taps at the end. This allows the bartenders to age the drinks as they pour them, which is something you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere!