Boundary Rooftop


Boundary Rooftop

London-City and East London

3.7 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

The first thing that comes to mind as you step out onto the Boundary Rooftop is ‘wow’. This heated orangery, bar and rooftop restaurant is beauty and class personified.

Boundary Rooftop is also a part of Terence Conran’s Boundary Project, in which he attempts to marry elegance and contemporary style to create the places to eat, drink and stay. The Boundary Rooftop is a glittering gem of this project. With panoramic views across the city, this is the perfect spot to enjoy a warm summer evening and watch the world go by. It is relaxation at its finest. In true British style – as this warm weather can be a little temperamental – there are cushions, rugs and heaters to keep the atmosphere warm and relaxing.

The rooftop functions as a Mediterranean orangery, and these citrus plants can be found scattered across the terrace, giving the place an exotic feel. The rooftop bar serves a wide selection of cocktails (also available in pitchers), a variety of gin and tonics and bottled beer and cider. Why not gather some friends around a pitcher of Passion Mint? A twist on the classic mojito, this tantalising mix of gin, passion fruit, elderflower, lemon and fresh mint could not be more refreshing. Or how about a more floral option? Try the Orange Provence, a delicious mix of Bombay Sapphire gin, amaretto, lavender syrup, orange and lemon juice. These drinks are the perfect complement to the bars Mediterranean-inspired grill menu. Serving up grilled skewers, chunks of meat and fish and a selection of side dishes, this rooftop eatery is a taste of the Mediterranean. Soak in the sunset views, sip a perfectly crafted cocktail and enjoy.