Clerkenwell & Social


Clerkenwell & Social

London-City and East London

4 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

A literary-themed master cocktail bar, Clerkenwell & Social uses infusions and homemade bitters & syrups to create drinks utterly unique in London.


The newest member of an esteemed family of London bars which are famed for their cocktails featuring infusions and homemade bitters and syrups, Clerkenwell & Social is a chip off the old block, home to both an ultra cool atmosphere and a knockout collection of drinks.
Let’s start with the design of the venue, as it has taken the idea of ‘fitting into the neighborhood’ to new heights. Paying homage to the history of Clerkenwell, the bar is literary-themed, and features overflowing shelves full of frayed vintage hardbacks, a typewriter, and a glowing neon sign showing off a quote from Oscar Wilde: ‘be yourself, everyone else is already taken’. Our favorite part though? A bevy of books that have been attached to thin poles that appear to float above the room akin to something from Harry Potter.
While the decor is the utmost of enchanting, you can only figuratively drink it in, so let’s move on to the cocktail collection – and boy is it ever stocked with one-of-a-kind potions. Each and every one is made using ingredients that have been created in-house, meaning you just simply can’t get them anywhere else. A couple (of many) standouts are the Much Ado About Rum (dark rum infused with tamarind juice and molasses shaken with lemon juice and ice) and the Love is a Smoke (a mesmerizing mix of merlot, Italian aperitifs, and homemade bourbon infused with applewood chip smoke).