Coin Laundry


Coin Laundry

London-City and East London

4 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Bringing balti pies and Babycham into the modern era, Coin Laundry is a retro restaurant and bar that is perhaps too cool even for the 70s era it recreates.

Ever wished you could recreate the bellbottom-ed haydays of the 70s, when food was mostly breadcrumbed and Babycham was the drink du jour? Well, luckily for you, the folks behind bar/restaurant Coin Laundry are breathing new life into this oft-overlooked era in their split-level venue in Exmouth Market. The ageing teal tiles that decorate the exterior of Coin Laundry are a taste of what lies inside – chipped brick walls, worn wooden flooring and an eclectic mix of formica and metal tables. The jukebox that sits in the corner may scream ‘retro’, but the bright lighting and friendly waitstaff are definitely products of a more modern generation. Coin Laundry’s M.O. is their authentic recreation of old-fashioned cocktails, like the Christmas classic Snowball (sweet egg liqueur and lemonade) and the equally as syrupy Grasshopper – an indulgent concoction of liquor, mint, chocolate, cream and nutmeg. There’s also several vermouths and, most surprisingly, a collection of Sodastream sodas, including pear & clove and pomegranate. Of course the aforementioned Babycham makes an appearance – perfect if you’re looking for a little nostalgic fizz. Food is served all day at Coin Laundry and includes everything from crumpets and eggy bread to chicken Kiev (their particular speciality) and coronation chicken. There’s also a selection of (retro, of course) bar snacks to accompany your drinks, including pickled eggs and spam fritters, which can all be enjoyed while completing a game of Twister or Connect 4. Would you expect anything less?