Comptoir Libanais Broadgate


Comptoir Libanais Broadgate

London-City and East London

  • Great food
3.8 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Bringing the tastes of Lebanon to London, Comptoir Libanais Broadgate offers delicious hot and cold mezze alongside cocktails full of Middle East flavor.

Bringing the best of the delicious cuisine of Lebanon to Britain, Comptoir Libanais has created a wildly popular family of restaurants over the past few years, but most impressive to us, they’ve even found a way to work great cocktails into the mix.
From the moment you walk past the bold sign outside of Comptoir Libanais Broadgate and enter the venue, your senses are taken on a journey. First, it’s your eyes that get to go on tour, as a scintillating souk-like atmosphere envelops you with a colorful collection of antiques and trinkets (some for sale) and a gorgeous patchwork of both vibrantly-colored and black-and-white cubic tiles on the floor, all being overlooked by the enchanting smile of Arabic film star Sirine Jamal al Dine in mural form.
Yes, when the restaurant is busy, you’ll swear you were at a market somewhere in the Middle East, and your taste buds will tell you that too, as Comptoir Libanais serves us Lebanese specialities like fresh falafel, grilled halloumi, Dead Sea pickles, and creamy hummus, to name just a few. The cocktails keep up the theme, boldly showing off the flavors of the region in mixes like the Bloody Sirine (vodka, pickled cucumber, harissa & sumac spiced tomato juice), the Roomana Vodka Sour (punchy pomegranate juice, vodka, lemon juice & rose syrup with a touch of warming ginger) and our favorite: the simple yet spectacular Vodka Roomana (pomegranate & orange blossom lemonade spiked with vodka).