Dirty Bones Shoreditch

Night Out

Dirty Bones Shoreditch

London-City and East London

4.1 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Full of good times and high fives no matter the time of day, Dirty Bones has brought its brand of rock-n-roll comfort food and cocktails to Shoreditch.

Slightly irreverent? Yes. Fun? Oh yeah. Home to decadent, American-style bar food and cocktails? Most definitely. Will you regret a thing about a trip to Dirty Bones Shoreditch? No.
The third version of this ‘Big Apple meets the Big Smoke’ mashup in London, Dirty Bones Shoreditch is bringing more of the same New York comfort food and drinks to a new neighborhood. The food is still walking the fine line between crazy and crazy good (think beef short rib with salted caramel & burnt onion barbecue sauce and a burger with barbecue sauce & mac n’ cheese), and the drinks are still thoroughly impressing us with their creativity, their bold flavors and their over-the-top garnishes.
Dirty Bones opens early for breakfast (and brunch on the weekends) and, come to think of it, offers cocktails suited for each and every part of the day. The best way to start out at Dirty Bones? Well, that’s definitely their Dirty Mary, a blend of premium vodka, tomato, lemon & pickle juices spiked with hot sauce, in a glass rimmed with sour cream flavored potato chips. Nice afternoon sipper? We’d go for the butter-washed bourbon served with bitters and gomme syrup. After dinner boozy shake? Look no further than the Butter Baby (butterscotch, vanilla ice cream and milk with a shot of salted caramel vodka). Shooter for when the party really gets cranking? Well, naturally, you want the Dirty Flatliner (blood orange liqueur, hot sauce, tequila, and a lime wedge crumbed with Monster Munch).