Duck and Waffle


Duck and Waffle

London-City and East London

2 / 5

May 11, 2018

A dizzying 40 floors up from the ground, the Duck and Waffle prides itself on being the highest 24/7 restaurant in London.

Serving from ‘sunrise to sunset and sunrise again’ the venue combines its take on traditional, rustic British food with creative cocktails and breathtaking – albeit vertigo-inducing – views of the city skyscape.

Once you’ve taken the high-speed glass elevator all the way up, catch your breath and take your seat. Try to ignore the constant stream of selfie addicts at the windows, trying to align their faces with the perfect shot of the Shard, and do what you came here to do: tuck into a menu designed for sampling and pairing. There’s the signature dish – confit duck leg with a fried duck egg served on a thick waffle, accompanied by maple mustard sauce. And don’t forget those whole roasted chickens that took Twitter by storm on their launch. But to really maximise your experience, it’s best to mix and match. Go for smaller fare like the succulent sliders made with Herdwick mutton tucked inside soft burger buns, or crispy and creamy risotto balls, and test out sweet options like caramelised banana waffles and a chocolate dessert orb that’s as much a feat of design as a moreish treat.

Pair your plate with wine from their impressive, if not pricey, selection, or, for expert cocktail matching advice, just ask a bartender at the inside-out bar or catch up with one of the chefs working the room. The venue’s quirky, themed list of mixed drinks changes regularly for major holidays and little-known events alike, though classic cocktails are available all year-round.

It’s easier to get a table at this buzzing venue if you show up earlier in the day rather than at cocktail hour. So if you don’t want to wait months for a coveted dinner reservation, come in for breakfast or brunch, or just stroll in at 4AM for some carb-rich renewal after a night on the town. After all, they’re always open.