First Aid Box


First Aid Box

London-City and East London

  • Great food
4.5 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

A groundbreaking cocktail bar in London's Herne Hill, First Aid Box puts a medicinal twist on its unique array of stunning tipples and gourmet food.

Taking its inspiration from the world of natural cures, nutrition, and doctors prescriptions, First Aid Box has arrived on the scene to heal all suffering from the scourge of identikit cocktails.

No, there’s nothing quite like the drinks being poured at First Aid Box, with a cocktail card that creatively pushes the envelope, leading to a cure for the common night out for all who make an appointment. Brought to Herne Hill by one of London’s finest cocktail teams, First Aid Box is a slick white-tiled space full of medical knick knacks, assorted oddities,and shelves of top-of-the-line potions (also known as spirit bottles). It all makes a fantastic first impression, and when the cocktail list is in your hands, things just take off from there.

A few of our favorites, which are unlike anything else we’ve seen before, are the RUM-PULL-MILK-SKIN – premium aged rum, oat, calcium, golden syrup, nutmeg, orange honey droplets, and lavender – the Blueberry & Quinoa – quinoa vodka, blueberry, yogurt powder, royal honey, fresh lemon, and seltzer – and the visually stunning Thirst Aid – made with ultra premium gin, mezcal, green French liqueur, sage, pineapple, and ascorbic acid, all served in a medical drip bag. It isn’t all about liquid remedies, however, as First Aid Box serves exemplary food and coffee too, all sourced from some of the city’s finest purveyors and presented as jawdroppingly as their tipples.