Hix Oyster & Chop House

Hix Oyster & Chop House

London-City and East London

3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Sensational steaks and seafood team up with innovative cocktails at Hix Oyster & Cop House, a classically-appointed restaurant and bar in London.

Located just steps from London’s iconic Smithfields Market,
Hix Oyster & Chop House has quickly gained a reputation as one of London’s
finest restaurant and bars, and all it takes is one trip to see why.

While the food and drink have collected an array of
accolades, it’s the classic, classy interior of Hix Oyster Bar & Chop House
that made the first impression fine for us. We love the fact that the vintage
mahogany booths are the star of the show, and when you take them in during the
same gaze as the stunning marble oyster bar, you’re bound to be as spellbound
as we were.


The namesake of the venue, Mark Hix, fills the food menu
with his signature blend of classic British fare complimented by fleeting
seasonal treats. Naturally, British oysters and steaks are second to none at
Hix, but it’s the quaffs that have seen the venue arrive on our pages. A line
of signature drinks includes mixes like the quintessentially British Hix Fix
(Somerset cherries & English sparkling wine), the ‘like nothing we’ve seen
before’ Toast of London (toasted bread-infused premium vodka, honey vermouth,
marmalade, and toast crumb garnish), and psychedelic Sunshine Acid
(saffron-infused tequila, orange, agave syrup, lemon, hot sauce, and egg
white). Craft beer, cider, and perry lovers are also well-looked-after
(including their very own oyster ale), and this, alongside a stunning wine list
loaded with the most sparkling English wines we’ve seen in one place and a full
complement of spirits, aperitifs, and digestifs complete the sensational Hix