Night Out

London Cocktail Club Shoreditch

London-City and East London

2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Slightly rough and ready to party, London Cocktail Club Shoreditch more than lives up to the brand's reputation for revelry and properly poured drinks.

Ever fancied partying in your motorcycle-riding neighbor’s garage while they worked on their bike? Ideally, they would regale you with tales of the open road while rock music rattled from speakers in the corner and you both tossed back drinks while good times rolled? Well, that’s pretty much the vibe that London Cocktail Club Shoreditch is going for, but with much better cocktails (no offense to your neighbour) and a wilder vibe.

Once down the industrial strength staircase and past the maniacal mural featuring flames and skeletons, you arrive in a funky garage somewhere between London and Route 66. You are immediately surrounded by plenty of black leather, denim, plaid, and vintage car seats, in addition to a few more skull-centric murals. This ‘touch of rough’ serves as the perfect balance to the meticulously-crafted drinks London Cocktail Club doles out, all made with precision and an eye to keeping the party going.
While they can certainly craft a classic here, the fun really rests with the house specialities. The LCC Legends list stars a bacon & egg martini and a cocktail that brings to mind a Sunday roast dinner, while the Pop Culture portion of the menu includes drinks inspired by everything from Breaking Bad to Harry Potter. Nothing gets the party cranking more than shots, and the LCC Shoreditch has a retro list of shooters you may remember from their previous work in the ‘90s locked and ready to help your night go from ‘zero to sixty’. Throw in a group of sharing cocktails, and you have are destined to have a night here you won’t soon forget.