Mezcaleria Quiquiriqui
    City and East London, London

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    It's not the most glamorous of locations, tucked under a kebab shop in deepest Hackney, but this is where you'll find London's first (and so far only) dedicated mezcal bar. Mezcal is an agave based Mexican spirit, akin to tequila but older and more wine-like and the bar stocks some 20 varieties, served either in cocktail form of straight-up. Of the mixed drinks, the Pink Taco, made with hibiscus and cardamom, is well worth a try, or you can pick your poison by the glass or the carafe though be warned, this is potent stuff. The bar has a grungy, scruffy basement thing going on and the crowd are a mix of east London hipsters and hard-core cocktail-buffs. The space is stuffed full of recycled and reclaimed furniture as well as an abundance of ornate mirrors and a jukebox (sadly not in use). On the walls, pages from Mexican comic books doubling as wallpaper are juxtaposed with some striking actual vintage floral wallpaper, and in one corner there's a DJ booth cranking out vintage electro and old school rock, which makes up a bit for the impotent jukebox. Their mezcal is sourced by the owners from Oaxaca, where it's generally made by small producers unlike mass produced tequila, and these guys clearly know their product well and are passionate about their drinks. It's this passion and excitement that comes through and makes up for the bar's rougher edges.

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