Scarfes Bar at the Rosewood Hotel


Scarfes Bar at the Rosewood Hotel
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London-City and East London

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Apr 16, 2018

Scarfes bar at The Rosewood Hotel is everything you want: cosy fireplace and comfy armchairs, seriously delicious cocktails and, mostly importantly, personal space - the only human you want to be squished up against on date night, is your actual date!

With high ceilings, walls lined with bookcases and the relaxing waxy smell of burning candles, the place just oozes calm, refined old school pleasures, but is also buzzing in personality and energy. Taking its name from British artist and caricaturist Gerald Scarfe, whose amusing, characters cover the marble walls, from Mary Poppins, to Theresa May – you’ll want to wander around all night checking out these quirky sketches.



The Scarfes cocktail menu continues this playful theme, dedicated to key icons from the past 20 years – the likes of Ali G, Prince George, Amy Winehouse and David Attenborough all feature. It’s an interactive collage of surprises, filled with post-it notes, postcards and shiny silver stuff for you to run your fingers over. Without the long-winded jargon familiar to most fancy cocktail bar menus, instead you get a concise list of interesting ingredients, including stuff like ‘leather soda’ and ‘burnt cauliflower Campari’. It’s exciting enough for cocktail aficionados, but in a language mixology novices will understand.

We expected the drinks to be a bit on the gimmicky side, but they were elegantly presented and tasted absolutely delicious. We would thoroughly recommend the Sadiq Khan inspired ‘Toot Toot’ for a smooth and indulgent non-alcoholic coffee-chocolatey treat, or a fail-safe is the popular Bowie themed Zingy Stardust cocktail for a well-balanced zingy and zesty sour treat.

The only downside is that you’re unlikely to get a look-in unless you are willing to queue for half an hour or come along on a Monday afternoon. And even then, the room is swiftly filled soon after 4pm. We’re not surprised by the bar’s popularity, with the perfectly crafted drinks, flawless service and live jazz to boot, this is exactly where you want to while away an evening sipping away on one of those mind-blowing Scarfes cocktails.