Shoreditch Butchery
    City and East London, London

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    There's a familiar urban vibe to the Shoreditch Butchery. You know the drill by now. It's a rough-edged, corrugated, concrete space, high-ceilinged with distinctive wall art by Alexandre Farto ( a "Banksy cohort" apparently) and old paint cans doubling as seating. The menu is also bang on trend, think sliders, hotdogs, craft beers, and of course cocktails. There's Brooklyn on tap another box ticked and a very compact cocktail list, just three drinks in all, but bang on the money, including as it does a "giantß- rum punch, a twisted Negroni as well as a vodka-based ß-girlyß- drink no, we're not sure what that means either, the girls we know like their cocktails to kick. You can however go off-menu as the staff are skilled and the bar well stocked. Food-wise, we're talking quality dogs, double-smoked and served with the ubiquitous brioche-bun, swamped in chilli and cheddar: filthy, but in the best possible way. Their sliders are on par with the best around and there's plenty around at the moment. There's live music and DJs playing most nights (plus cover charge) and the crowds often spill out of the door into the litter-flecked streets beyond. The crowd is pure Shoreditch but then, if you're here, that's probably not going to bother you overmuch.

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