Sushi Samba


Sushi Samba

London-City and East London

4.3 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

First opening its door in New York, and now with restaurants spanning the glove, SUSHISAMBA is the pinnacle of excitement and fusion cuisine. Taking its inspirations from the food cultures of Japan, Brazil and Peru, this is an eatery that truly buzzes with energy and flavour.

Perched on the top two floors of one of the highest buildings in the city, SUSHISAMBA boasts unparalleled panoramic views of London. You can watch as the people mill through the streets as you sip on a cocktail and snack on some of their fusion delights. The atmosphere oozes class and sophistication. Relax as the glow of the sunset beams off the world-famous gherkin and you will feel truly on top of the world. Their incredible outdoor roof terrace is the perfect place to enjoy a bit of British summertime.

Their cocktails follow this fusion-based flair for invention and flavour. Although the list isn’t hugely expansive, SUSHISAMBA serves up a range of master mixology. For a quick refresher, why not try the Samba Sour? You’ll be delighted by a delectable SUSHISAMBA twist on the classic pisco sour. It blends Pisco brandy with maraschino cherry liquor, shaken with egg white, yuzu and a turmeric infusion. For a twist on a Brazilian classic, try the Batida de Mango. Translating as whipped mango, it consists of mango cream and passion fruit blended through ice, then mixed with Velho Barreiro cachaça and Benedictine liqueur. If neither of these take your fancy, how about trying one of the culinary cocktails? A selection of cocktails that incorporates ingredients that would usually be found on your plate. Creative mixology at its best. Or, simply ask for the Sambatini, the monthly cocktail special, created in-house by their expert bartenders and sample some of their wide selection of sake. The perfect complement to one of their delicious small plates, snacks and desserts.