The Four Sisters Townhouse

Night Out

The Four Sisters Townhouse

London-City and East London

4.4 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Like walking into a quirky vintage residence, The Four Sisters Townhouse cuts no corners in their skillful crafting of both modern and classic cocktails.

Designed to remind you of your slightly eccentric Great Aunt’s residence (think something between a shop of curiosities and a grand gentlemen’s club from Victorian times), Four Sisters Townhouse is a delight for modern cocktail connoisseurs.

Before we get to the cocktails, let’s take a quick tour of the townhouse, shall we? Floral wallpaper with lilies painted pink, blue, and yellow line one wall, while another is a deep shade of scarlet, contrasted brilliantly by a plush, deep-buttoned mustard yellow couch. Tiffany lamps, mirrors, and shelves lined with books and framed pictures abound, completing this utterly unique space.

As enthralling as the interior is, it’s the cocktails that left us smiling with delight. They take no shortcuts here, making everything from barrel-aged bitters to citrus juices in-house, combining these ingredients with spirits masterfully. The menu changes weekly, but a couple of our favorites from a recent edition are the Absolut-ly (premium vodka, lime, vanilla, lemongrass, and vanilla foam), the Salty Martini (premium vodka, blend of dry vermouths, sherry, and caper brine) and the French Maid (premium cognac, falernum, cucumber, mint leaves, and ginger beer). Regardless of what is on the menu when you pay a visit, you are bound to find something you love. Many publications have been lining up to declare Four Sisters Townhouse one of the best new bars in the city, and you can count us firmly with them.