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May 11, 2018

What do you get if you cross Damien Hirst (yes, he of modern art fame) and Mark Hix, celebrity chef and restaurateur? Well, Tramshed is actually a pretty apt representation of their combined passions and talents.

Based in trendy Shoreditch where it’s housed in a grade II listed building that originally generated the power for London’s trams, Tramshed is both show stopping and casual. The simple food menu based on chicken and steak is visually represented by the formaldehyde preserved chicken sitting on the back of a cow – the stark centrepiece to the spacious restaurant. Though this installation may shock your more sensitive vegetarian friends, the industrial décor is enhanced, if not softened, by the artwork found all around the space – there are talking pieces aplenty.

The restaurant and bar’s mainstream edginess means that it draws its clientele from a wider spectrum than your usual alternative Shoreditch crowd. Beckoned by the art, the wow factor and the buzz, most evenings there is a lively happy hum throughout the restaurant. And with vertically presented whole chicken sharing platters, generous and delicious fries, and steaks cooked to personalised perfection it seems like a winning formula. What if you don’t fancy chicken or steak? All joking aside, this cock and bull inspired joint caters well for vegetarians too – the mac and cheese burger in particular is something to try.

On the drinks side, the irreverent theme continues on a cocktail menu that is short and sweet. With a focus on quality rather than quantity, what the bar loses in flexibility it makes up for in the unique spirits on offer – Black Cow pure milk vodka anybody? Mixed and presented as a twist on the Moscow Mule, the cheekily reincarnated Dorset Donkey is worth a try. As is their indulgently playful version of the piña colada, the Skinny Cow Colada. If you’ve always fancied having your dinner in a sassy Tate Modern but with better food and drink, then this is the place for you.

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