The Worship Street Whistling Shop
    City-Center, London

    About The Worship Street Whistling Shop

    2119 2778

    This latest venture from the team behind Purl has been inspired by the grand Victorian gin palaces. Located in a Shoreditch basement, it's an elegant, evocative venue, full of atmosphere, and the perfect setting to sample their inventive and theatrical cocktails.

    The drinks list will get most cocktail aficionados excited; any cocktail menu that feels obliged to provide a glossary is a good thing in our eyes. Drinks include the aromatic Panacea, a blend of whisky, honey and lavender combined with lots of lemon juice to give it a sour kick and topped with a sprinkling of sage.

    The Whistling Stop also have to offer food produce from the British Isles, artisanal meat and cheese boards.

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