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The Worship Street Whistling Shop


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May 11, 2018

Worship Street Whistling Shop is a speakeasy cellar bar filled with Victorian-themed décor, and an almost Dickensian sense of theatre. It is located behind an unassuming door on Worship Street, followed by a steep descent into another world.

Stop at the Whistling Shop

A choice of seating abounds – large tables for groups or cosy corner retreats for dark deeds and heated talks. The subtle lighting adds to the atmosphere, and although in places it is too dark to see your own feet you are likely to be concentrating too hard on your drinks menu to notice.

You can eat in the Whistling Shop, modern British cuisine is proffered, but that is not the point of this hideaway. Order some pork scratchings then concentrate on your liquid diet. The experts behind the cocktail menu have taken a scientific approach, to create something unique and curious – or daunting and complicated depending upon your standpoint. However, any indecision, doubt or unease will soon be put to rest by the encyclopaedic knowledge of the ever-amiable staff, who are experts on all things alcoholic. They introduced a new cocktail menu in March 2017 which is a lesson in global drinking history. Take a tour and sample a Canuck Sneak – combining Canadian whisky with bacon and maple syrup, a Black Nazareth – inspired by Holland’s vanilla vodka, barley sugar and Dutch waffles, or a Venezuelan Tizana Garca – a pomegranate and citrus twist on a Rum Punch.

It is easy to wax lyrical about the diversity and ingenuity of the Whistling Stop’s drinks menu. But it is the little extras that make the entire experience one that you are sure to want to repeat. What is not to like about a gin joint complete with piano, lamp post, candlelight, live music, excellent nibbles and amazing drinks! This Shoreditch bar opened in 2011 to instant critical acclaim and it is easy to see why.