American Bar at the Savoy
    Covent Garden and Holborn, London

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    Despite the hotel undergoing extensive (and expensive) renovation, the Savoy's iconic American bar is not much changed. Why tinker with a classic? The bar dates back to 1898 and it's played host to several legendary bartenders over the years including the celebrated Harry Craddock. The interior exuded an air of 1930s elegance - and it's this same interior that has now been carefully restored so that the scalloped ceiling and glittering mirrors appear much the same even if the carpet has been replaced with something less retina-jarring. What's most important here is that the bar's distinctive character has been retained. Dapper, white-jacketed bar staff are still on hand to make you up a crisp martini, live piano music still plays in the background most nights and the atmosphere harks back to the past without ever feeling stuffy and museum-like. Noel Coward would feel at home here, true, but so we think, will you.

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