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    This hidden basement bar with a secret entrance in Covent Garden has something of a unique selling point. The initials BYOC stand for 'bring your own cocktail' and the bar stocks no alcohol wait, no, don't run the gimmick is that you supply your own booze and they lay on the mixology skills. They do at least stock many other ingredients necessary for the creation of tasty tipples, juices, infusions, cordials, herbs and bitters, including all the equipment and ice and such like required to whip up a decent drink. The place is teeny tiny, which makes a visit an experience in itself, and it's possible to swap drinks with fellow drinkers to broaden the range of cocktails available. The room is candle-lit and bare-bricked in a way which is almost obligatory these days while the 'bar' itself, the place where the magic happens, is actually an antique Italian drinks trolley that moves between the six small tables. The size of the venue - which is capable of seating only twenty at any one time - means it's a reservations-only affair, but this only adds to the clandestine, speakeasy style vibe, the edge of adventure that characterises a visit. 
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