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Feb 21, 2019

‘Resist Everything Except Temptation’. That is what the neon sign says as you walk into London’s Eve Bar, award-winning TV chef Adam Handling’s new cocktail bar under his popular West End restaurant Frog.

Temptation is the name of the game. Those fancying a fall from grace should head down the stairs into Eve. Inside, you will find plush seating, with a few private booths available for those wanting to give into temptation more privately. It’s dark, but it’s hardly a dive bar.




References to Eve, the first person to refuse to resist temptation, are everywhere, from the stained-glass windows that decorate the bar, to the apples and tree branches that line the walls. There is even a cocktail served with a small golden apple.

Handling told us that the theme for the bar was ‘evil’ – a ying-yang contrast to the ‘good’ of his restaurant upstairs. Sampling the Eve menu, it is easy to see why so many baddies in film decided to turn to the dark side.

The cocktails seem the result of experimenting in the sort of evil lab a Bond villain might have. The Eve cocktail menu is split into:

  • Innocence – lighter and fresh and perfect for an aperitif
  • Temptation – fuller-bodied with slightly more experimental combinations – think miso, popcorn or beetroot
  • Indulgence – rich and decadent

There is a sense of whimsy and experimentation across everything.

And then there’s the bar snacks. Handling claims they are the best bar food in London, and, honestly, it’s hard to disagree. The show stoppers are the smoked mussels, served on a bed of sea water mixed with liquid nitrogen for a steaming sample of the sea. The real must haves, however, are the cod wontons. Crispy. Fishy. And with caviar on top for an extravagant touch! They are seriously good. Plus, all the snacks are a fiver, making resisting temptation even harder.

What ‘Eve’ is, in short, is the ideal sort of London bar – fun without being too hipster, luxurious without being mortgage-worthy, and with fantastic food, drinks and ideas.