Heliot at the Hippodrome

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Heliot at the Hippodrome


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May 11, 2018

The Casino house several bars amid its cavernous interior. The drinks list comes care of one of London's best known experimental cocktail expert!

The infamous Hippodrome nightclub in Leicester Square has undergone a lavish refit to emerge as a casino, bar and restaurant complex of an altogether more upscale reputation.

The former theatre has been revamped to house several bars amid its cavernous interior, the design of which is as glitzy and over-the-top as you might expect.
There’s something very Vegas about the whole operation; though it’s not as formal as some of London’s black-tie casinos, nor is it particularly casual. It is opulent however, full of shining, glittering things.

The mezzanine cocktail bar overlooks the gaming floor and the drinks list comes care of one of London’s best known experimental cocktail experts, Tony Conigliaro (of the magnificent 69 Colebrook Row, one of our favourite London bars).

Conigliaro has curated a list of classic cocktails as befits a space like this. There’s a sizeable selection of champagne cocktails and martinis as well as a section ‘paying homage to the gin and tonic.’ Those with sweet teeth may want to try the Snuggle Rug, a creamy concoction laced with Amaretto, or the coffee and hazelnut flavoured Friar Tuck.

There’s a lengthy wine list to peruse and a vast range of premium spirits.
The lounge area makes the perfect place to relax before a turn at the tables, glamorous to just the right degree. 

Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/TheHippodromeCasino/photos/