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May 11, 2018

A Korean-style restaurant and bar headed up by a famous chef, Jinjuu’s drinks list is like an exotic adventure for your tastebuds, with soju, sake and more.

A split-level venue specialising in Korean street food and Asian-inspired cocktails, Jinjuu has seriously put Korean cuisine on the the London food map. Comprising of a laidback bar and casual seating upstairs, and a slightly more formal dining room with open kitchen  downstairs, Jinjuu is headed up by a former Iron Chef, and that expertise is poured not only into the food dishes, but the mixed drinks, too.
The food at Junjuu is an exciting mix of East-meets-West dining; you can jump from Kimchi Arancini and Korean Chicken Sliders to Snickers Hottoek (a Korean-style flat doughnut) in one sitting. There’s also tacos stuffed with bulgogi beef, crispy dumplings oozing with braised short rib and a golden crispy fried tofu burger. But let’s talk about the drinks, because that’s what we’re truly passionate about. Just like the food, the cocktails inject classic recipes with an Asian infusion. The White Rice Negroni (distilled soju, gentian root liqueur, vermouth and mandarin bitters) and the Soho Sazerac #2 (cognac, rice whiskey, aromatic bitters, chrysanthemum tea, absinthe rinse and burnt lemon) are two great examples of this, but there’s also a few unique – in both ingredients and presentation – potations that deserve a mention, like the Spamarita (Spam-infused tequila, mezcal, agave nectar, pineapple and fresh lime). Jinjuu is also proud of its soju collection (a high-potency rice spirit that is widely popular in parts of Asia) and even produce their own range of in-house infusions with lychee, green tea and lime & lemongrass. There’s a handful of sake bottles on offer, too, along with a few plum wines and rice wines from Korea, but even the regular wine list (red, white, sparkling and rose)  is nothing to be sniffed at, featuring labels from around the world.