Mark's Bar at Hix


Mark's Bar at Hix


3 / 5

May 11, 2018

With the seal of approval from both London's toughest critics and the, perhaps even harder to please blogging crowd, the downstairs bar at Mark Hix's ...

With the seal of approval from both London’s toughest critics and the, perhaps even harder to please blogging crowd, the downstairs bar at Mark Hix’s self-titled venture is already one of the hottest spots in the capital. Above it there’s a dining room with its Ivy-alike leaded windows and food from expert schmoozer Hix (owner of the popular Oyster and Chop House near Smithfields), demonstrating his usual competence with all things marine. But it’s the warm, clubby bar, flagged by a flutter of neon, that’s pulling them in. The space is striking, with Damien Hirst fish dangling from the ceiling, the sofas are of butter-smooth, mahogany leather and the drinks are delectable and superbly crafted. As ever with such places the prices don’t bear thinking about, but the atmosphere sells it.

What their peers say
“Mark Hix recently opened this Soho branch of his oyster and chophouse where he serves inventive takes on traditional British Cuisine above a downstairs bar run by Nick Strangeway and Charles Vexenat. Strangeway’s program at the Hawksmoor and Vexenat’s cocktail list at the Lonsdale both emphasized historic English tipples. Together at Hix, this duo is more likely to write themselves into London’s history books.” Jim Meehan of PDT, New York

“Downstairs from Mark Hix’s latest restaurant and first Soho endeavor, Nick Strangeway and Charles Vexenat have unearthed scores of forgotten British classics, and are inventing new ones by the day. There’s a bar billiards table, plenty of niches to nestle a group or a hot date into, and a bar menu that matches the exceptional dining upstairs.” Anistatia Miller and Jared Brown of Mixellany Ltd.

“Formerly a basement sushi bar, The Mark Bar at Hix is a veritable quandary of liquid opportunity, extraordinary lounging and a snooker table to boot. Ask Nick for his top secret “oaked” Beefeater infusion.” Ryan Magarian