Night Out



3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Mash in Soho is not named in reference to half of that favourite of East End dinners; the acronym stands for Modern American Steak House, and it’s primarily a restaurant, albeit one with an impressive drinks menu to hand.

The setting is a large basement which houses an unexpectedly grand room, which seems purpose-built for events and special occasions. The American theme draws on a combination of 1950s American Diner and 1930s and 40s Art Deco. This works impressively and creates a stylish venue of mirrors, chrome, table lamps and red leather.

This is an American Steakhouse and you would be foolish not to order a steak. The menu proffers meat from various sources in different cuts; ranging from the world’s most expensive Kobe Wagyu, to the American Rib Eye and the more unusual Uruguay Tenderloin, which offers a particularly delicate and delicious steak. All are cooked to your order and to perfection. Choose from a variety of side plates to complement your meal, such as the all-American mac and cheese or the heated sautéed jalapeños to liven it up. On the drinks front you will be spoilt for choice – choose from a fine selection of American Whiskeys, their extensive wine list, or an inventive cocktail menu. Knowledgeable staff will be able to recommend the perfect red to accompany your steak. For cocktail lovers a particular favourite is the Espresso Martini – a decadent alternative to the traditional after-dinner coffee.

The real surprise about Mash is that it is not actually American. It produces a masterful interpretation of the American eatery but in fact originates from Denmark, where the first Mash restaurant was opened. If you are a steak lover, or simply fancy an up-market meal and an understated yet elegant dining experience prior to catching a show in the West End, Mash comes very highly recommended.