Mayfair, London

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    34 is very, very Mayfair. It's sleek without being glitzy, polished and subtly luxurious, everything you'd expect from a Caprice Holdings venue. The interior has an art deco sheen, service is impeccable and the menu is designed to sooth and cosset. This is not a place one comes to sample the avant garde or experimental. Steak and game dominate and there's a wide-ranging wine list capable of doing considerable damage to your wallet. Prices are steep all round but that's to be expected. The marble-topped bar is ideal for perching with a pre-dinner drink: try the Bootleg, a mix of champagne, peach-infused bourbon, gunpowder syrup, and peach bitters, or a fruity Frozen Derby made with peach and plum liqueurs. The place attracts an international crowd, with more than a whiff of hedge fund, but that's part of the appeal.

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