Heddon Street Kitchen


Heddon Street Kitchen


3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Brought to London by Gordon Ramsay, Heddon Street Kitchen stars with delectable modern food and a full repertoire of delicious signature cocktails.

Brought to life by world famous celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, Heddon Street Kitchen is an all-around star, dishing up everything from fun and fancy-free brunch to masterfully-made late-night cocktails. 
Located mere footsteps from Regent Street in London’s well-heeled West End, Heddon Street Kitchen’s hip modern decor sprawls out over two gorgeous floors. We’re fairly sure you’ll be struck by the contrast of dark parquet floors with splashes of mustard yellow furniture and industrial-chic touches (think steel beam complete with bolts) like we were, and also love that the look is finished off with quirky ‘office-style’ desk lamps perched on corners and an array of little colorful lights dangling from the ceiling. 
Of course, all this is simply window dressing for the real reason we are thoroughly in love with Heddon Street Kitchen: the food and drink. The menu is approachable yet adventurous, and while we could wax poetic about it all day (especially brunch), the venue has landed on our pages for its bar offerings. Both the Forgotten Classics (Blood & Sand and French 75s among others) and Boozy Milkshakes (how does whiskey, banana, peanut butter, and vanilla ice cream sound?) are stocked with winners, but it’s their signatures that left us most impressed. They describe the section as ‘what we would drink on our night off’ and with tipples like the Natures Yield (premium gin, sage & tonic cordial, premium vermouth, citrus & orange pearls, and bamboo mist) and Figel Casto (premium rum, fig liqueur, French vermouth, and lime), we tip our cap to their taste.  Throw in a long list of craft beer, world wine, and a line of signature after-dinner drinks, and you’ve got the full package.