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    Located in the heart of Mayfair, just around the corner from the Ritz, this two-level tiki joint owned by Prince Harry's mate, Guy Pelly - is a firm favourite of the celebrity set. It's not immediately easy to see why. The space is kitted out like a typical tiki joint, with lots of wicker, Polynesian cushions and tropical flotsam. The cocktail menu includes Pina Coladas served in pineapples and Coconut Grenades served in - you've guessed it - coconut shells. If you're feeling particularly brave you can opt for the Krakatoa, a volcanic creation that serves four. It is in short, ridiculously kitsch, but it is very good fun if you go in the right frame of mind. Unsurprisingly given the clientele the drinks menu features plenty of champagne (including several magnum bottles and a jeroboam clocking in at well over five grand) alongside the Pirate Daquiris and Tequila Sunsets. Be warned, the door policy at Mahiki is notoriously picky and the pavements outside are often clogged with paparazzi waiting for the famous faces to spill out in the early hours of the morning. The drinks are pretty pricey too, but a visit will definitely be an experience they certainly know how to throw a party and, provided you have the funds, a great night can still be had. Read More Photo credit:

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