Maze Mayfair


Maze Mayfair


4 / 5

May 11, 2018

Mixing fantastic flavors from the East and West, Gordon Ramsay's maze has created a cocktail card that shines just as bright as their famous food menu.

Mastering the art of Asian-kissed European cuisine, maze has quickly become a mainstay in Mayfair, the perfect place for casual lunches, dinners, and our favorite, evening drinks. 
Long before you’ve had a chance to taste the fascinating flavors on offer at maze, you’re sure to be impressed with the amazing up-to-the-minute design touches. Dark wood paneling full of striking knotting is contrasted brilliantly with the low dim of lavender-colored light and a vibrant range of ottomans and chairs in purple, pink, and turquoise, to say nothing of the stunning private dining room. The menu is full of delicious flings with the East (including sushi), but it’s the libations that get us most excited.
Cocktails like The Yellow Bird (kaffir lime-infused premium gin, limoncello, plum-infused sake, lime juice, and lavender tincture), the Sexy Aphrodite (Early Grey-infused vodka, peach liqueur, orange curacao marmalade, and goji berry tincture) and Jasmine Garden (Jasmine tea-infused vodka, pear, apple juice, lime juice, and almond syrup) beautifully blend together East and West, and balance out a stellar line of gin and tonics on the menu. Maze also stars with a line of after dinner drinks, a set of craft beers, and is home to an impressive wall of wine, collected from the finest vines around the world.   

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