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May 11, 2018

Novikov sits in the heart of Mayfair, and doesn’t it just know it. Its luxurious vastness envelopes its many customers and draws them into a world where spending is a hobby.

Novikov – a fusion of delights for Cossacks and Comrades alike

Yet be careful to pigeonhole Novikov as just another swanky Mayfair bar. It draws in families, groups of colleagues, and those seeking a good night out and does so with its intriguing combination of two different restaurants, one pan Asian and one Italian within the same venue, and the addition of a dark and moody downstairs bar and lounge which serves up the most exquisite cocktails.

The Novikov experience confronts you with an (on paper crazy) fusion of styles. The large and bright pan-Asian restaurant provides a window into its kitchens; if you can first see past the piles of seafood, brightly coloured vegetables and their vision of market freshness. Fresh flowers and stunning chandeliers complete the look. Just a few steps downstairs and you are drawn into a sexy supper club with darkened corners, lavishly draped sofas and gilt framed paintings.

Don’t miss the Peking duck from the pan-Asian cuisine. Indulge yourself in the delicious truffle pizza produced by the Italian restaurant. It is, however, the cocktails which steal the show. Innovative and surprising and made even more decadent by the lush surroundings, sip on a boozy Russian Doll and delight in its presentation, or try their oriental twist on a dry martini with the Kotetsu.

The influence of Novikov’s creator, Russian restaurateur Arkady Novikov, is evident in the high-end food and drink on offer and the attentive staff who strive to please those who can afford it. It aims for classy and manages to achieve it, in spite of, or perhaps because of, its collusion of styles and tastes.


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