3 / 5

May 11, 2018

An award-winning French restaurant and bar, Orrery dazzles diners with its design, fine wine, and collection of both classic and champagne cocktails.

A French restaurant and bar in London, Orrery is the furthest thing from ordinary when it comes to cocktails and dining in the capital.  While there are a myriad of reasons we love Orrery, we will start with the design of the space, as the aesthetics are light, breezy, and put you in a good mood the moment you walk through the door. Located just off Marylebone Church Gardens, the feel of the outdoors dominates inside, with light woods, sea greens, and powder blues abound. Our favorite part though are the circular windows that look out to the gardens, bringing a glorious  ‘park porthole effect’ to the entire dining room. The French-inspired fare that comes forth from the kitchen here is simply spectacular, yet true to our name, it’s the bar’s handiwork that we fell head over heels for. Classics and Contemporaries (think cosmopolitans, moscow mules, mojitos, and negronis) are made with precision and the highest quality ingredients alongside a stunning collection of champagne cocktails. A couple of our favorites from the luxurious list are the signature Orrery Classic (brown sugar soaked in bitters and cognac bubbled over with champagne) and the Russian Raspberry (raspberry flavored vodka, creme de framboise, and champagne). Cognac and calvados lovers are also well catered for, and as you would expect wine is a very big deal here with the list being one of the most impressive we’ve ever seen, as it includes bottles from all over France and the world, including several surprises.