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May 11, 2018

Peruvian food and pisco are the order of the day at Pachamama, a restaurant and bar with a seasonal food menu and exotic cocktails.

The entrance to Pachamama looks more like a speakeasy than a Peruvian-style restaurant-cum-bar (although quite what we expect a Peruvian restaurant-cum-bar to look like is a question in itself). With its fairly small, incognito glass-fronted entrance, you could easily have to double-back on yourself to discover its location, squeezed among shops selling photo prints and movie posters. Inside, the interior is just as sleek, yet includes a random collection of furniture and light fixtures, giving it a much more homely feel than its entrance belies. Open for lunch, dinner and weekend brunch, the food menus at Pachamama are seasonal and exotic – sea bass ceviche with samphire, radish & tiger’s milk; crispy lamb belly with jalapeno & miso; Peruvian chocolate and toasted quinoa. The cocktails, we’re happy to report, are just as complex and exciting. Broken down into two categories, “Papa’s Cocktails” and “Mama’s Cocktails”, the concoctions vary from dark and smoky to fruity and refreshing. They all contain the Peruvian spirit pisco, yet some have an English twist like the Chicama – pisco infused with Earl Grey tea, elderflower liqueur, lime and lavender bitters. For something altogether different, try the Cusco Sour, made with pisco, fresh lime, sugar and Peruvian mulled wine, or the Purifier; pisco muddled with three bitters, and demerara sugar that has been smoked with wood from a mystical South American tree. If all of this sounds a little too adventurous, Pachamama also features a fantastic mezcal menu, as well a lengthy international wine list.

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