Day Drinking

The Connaught Bar


4.6 / 5

May 11, 2018

The Connaught Hotel in London is the ultimate Grande Dame: historic, elegant, grand. The bar is one of the best in world without any doubt.

The Connaught Hotel is the ultimate Grande Dame: historic, elegant, grand. A recent revamp has not impacted on this, but enhanced its appeal. The bar is a case in point. The Coburg Bar is everything you want it to be, sophisticated, atmospheric, with a visually striking yet welcoming room (redesigned by the Parisian India Mahdavi) peppered with leather chairs. The cocktail list is equally impressive, encompassing the very best drinks of the last two centuries, each one a classic. The wine list is also worth exploring. Prices are steep, but this is one of the city’s smartest hotels and it’s more than worth it as an experience. The staff are pleasantly unstuffy and eager to please, service is, of course, flawless. You’ll need to dress the part, of course, this is Mayfair, but otherwise just relax and enjoy the plush surroundings.

What their peers say
“When the Connaught was closed for refurbishment a few years back I feared that we might lose another of London’s great classic bars. Instead we gained not one but two great bars. My favourite is run by the charming and dapper Ago Perrone and is justifiably famed for its excellent martinis served from a trolley with bespoke bitters.” Nick Strangeway of Strange Hill

“Agostino Perrone and Erik Lorincz have created a perfect storm of molecular, classic, and contemporary drinks in the smaller of the Connaught Hotel’s two bars. Order a martini and you are offered a selection of bitters in addition to the usual olive or twist. The room itself is icily opulent, and filled with the young, beautiful and wealthy in business attire.” Anistatia Miller and Jared Brown of Mixellany Ltd.

“The Connaught Bar is one of my favourite hotel bars in the entire world and the cocktail menu there is a fusion of tradition and innovation using exclusive vintages and limited edition champagnes, spirits and liqueurs. The bartenders, led by Agostino Perrone are seasoned professionals and are amongst the best to be found anywhere in the UK.” Sean Muldoon of The Dead RabbitNew York City